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Teed & Brown was originally founded in 1995 as “GrassRoots Lawn Care.” Peter and Chris grew the business quickly and carefully, always formulating their strategies around the concept of starting with great grass seed.

When a lawn starts with strong varieties of Grass, it will naturally withstand pests and environmental difficulties. It will naturally look better, and it will require less chemical assistance.

Not only will great seed get you a great lawn, it will help the environment too! To use the same seed that Peter and Chris use for all their residential clients, just look to your local garden center or hardware store and ask for Teed & Brown seed.

Peter Teed has spent his entire 23 year career in the Home Lawn Care industry. He co-founded Teed & Brown in 1995 and has helped to grow it into the leading lawn care business in CT.

Christopher Brown began working on Golf Courses and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Science from Penn State in 1994.

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